Starting off with the ever so cliche quote, “Without music, life would be a mistake” by Friedrich Nietzsche.

One of the things I frequently do, well frequently as in almost every 15 minutes, is to Google the lyrics for the song I’m currently listening to and sing-along, it’s a rather tedious process if you have as many songs as I do (especially Japanese songs, I have to search for the damn English translation and some are just really really hard to find), so I thought, hey why not just put them all in a page where I can go back to anytime.

& that, is how this blog came along.

As you can see from the address, this is not technically a normal blog. It’s basically a time-saving tool + my own personal lyric site. There might be a few tidbits about my life every now & then, maybe some music videos, maybe just to express my boundless love for music or if I really have to rant about a particular issue etc but basically lyrics is what you get~


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3 10 2007


31 12 2007

anyway, that’s a great idea. i do the exact same thing all the time. except the songs i look up lyrics for aren’t Japanese, there are just so many songs with the same title and i don’t know the artists; names until i find the lyrics.

1 01 2008

Yup, I have a huge variety of songs, it mostly consists of japanese & english songs but I have french & german ones too. So it’s nice to have something to keep track of their lyrics.

29 01 2008
Trumpet Girl

Wonderful idea. This site is the one that I would recommend and refer to all the time 🙂

30 01 2008

Wow! Thanks for the compliments, I thought it was a good idea really but I didn’t think it would be that great lol

7 02 2008
Trumpet Girl

Hey, don’t be modest ‘^^ It’s like the gendou of anime music. If that was a decent analogy? Heheh.

4 03 2008


28 05 2008

Hm, have never heard that quote. Perhaps because I tend to visit the less densely packed areas of the internet.

Anyways. This is an excellent blog.

28 05 2008

Er, and a song I would like to suggest is, “Dango Daikazoku”, or, “Big Dango Family”, the ending theme from CLANNAD.

29 05 2008

Hey thanks for all the positive feedback, you guys don’t know how much it means to me ^^ I’ll check out that song, & I’ll continue uploading more lyrics as well!

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